Demo video using SIM as hardware wallet

Hi Magicians,

Software wallets are convenient to use but potentially insecure and difficult to move to a new device; hardware wallets, while secure and portable, are cumbersome and often difficult to use.

The SIM card seems like a perfect solution: a piece of secure hardware controlled by the user that is always in the phone and can be moved between devices.

Like metamask through the SIM card, a SIMask

Android has built-in APIs:

These have been used to create a proof of concept APP used in the demo video linked below

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Hi, is this only available for Android? possible to bring it to iOS?

Android has built-in APIs, the same APIs do not seem to be available for iOS, but there are other channels that we are working on

For iOS, BIP (Bearing Independent Protocol) can be used to allow the SIM to connect to the app

Demo video:


This is fantastic! Even the PIN code input is through SIM Tool Kits, which performs like the out of band key pad.