[Council of Paris 2019] Call for Agenda topics



Hi, with all due respect. I organize more than 10 conferences/events a year. I am currently organizing one. I know exactly why we need an agenda and I don’t understand why my timeline on this is being pushed and my work directed when we all had assigned ourselves the areas we were best at, and you remarked you could not do agenda.
So please, try not to overstep, because the work will get done, this is not my first FEM or my first conference, I know exactly what to do and I am very much aware that everything needs feedback, but all in due time. This thread is not doing any favors but rushing things, and interrupting my other tasks.
I intend to dedicate my whole attention to the agenda, once I am done with other commitments (jan 31st), and expect my times to be respected. We have a month to go so the agenda has enough time to be prepared.
I am sorry if this comes off as too direct, but at this point, I feel that I’m being pushed and on top of that schooled, on an area that I signed up for because this is what I’m best at. I take all feedback, but let me do my thing and then give feedback.


Dear Maria Paula,
Excuse me if you feel pushed or your efforts not recognized. Definitely it is not that I meant or said. You make a great job, no doubts. And yes, anyone of us has personal timeline, which I fully respect.

I think anyone of us may us to propose or comment anything he would like. An Agenda defines greatly how conference will looks like and only because of that it is a hot topic. But at the end, someone who is responsible for the topic, makes decisions. You are completely free to ignore any of my proposals.

Once more, I am very sorry if you feel uncomfortable about the conversation above.

Guys, look like I have pushed my vision too much and made it inconvenient for many. Sorry.
I will step back for a while…


No problem at all, I just have a tight schedule and want to dedicate the time for this it deserves.