Cancun Network Upgrade Meta Thread

I’d like to propose inclusion of EIP 5656 (MCOPY) in Cancun. I don’t think there is any contention about the spec or its usefulness, it’s easy to understand and implement, it would enable better codegen for batch memory copies in compilers, and it already has an open PR to implement in geth.

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Thanks, @charles-cooper - I’ve updated the first post to include this, as well as the decisions made in ACDE#160. See the spec PR: Update Include and CFI'd EIPs by timbeiko · Pull Request #754 · ethereum/execution-specs · GitHub


evmone has merged support for MCOPY:


Note, the scope for Cancun was finalized on ACDE last week. Here’s a PR which updates the list of EIPs: Update included EIPs list by timbeiko · Pull Request #792 · ethereum/execution-specs · GitHub

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Just wanted to voice my support of for inclusion of EIP-2537 in Cancun, would give much greater first party support for BLS. Using the alt-bn128 precompiles for BLS currently feels a little hacky.

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Cancun scope was finalized. Prep your case for inclusion in the following upgrade Prague.