An idea to decentralize the non-organization short of a regional meeting

I sort of volunteered to do a regional magicians meeting, but short of that, I had an idea. It’s sort of a combination of an online and an in-person meeting.

The idea is to get four ring makers to work together to coordinate introducing their ring to a larger audience. It would be video-based but in a setting in each city where small groups of real humans are physically together. The intention is introduce the rings to the humans in the room.

Here’s the rules of engagement:

  1. Four ring makers come together to agree to hold a co-coordinated online video / in-person meetup event. A date and time is selected.

  2. The ring makers seek out a volunteer from within their ring to be the ring’s spokesperson. (The ring maker should not be the spokesperson if at all possible).

  3. At the start of the ‘meeting’ (which can be scheduled to last an hour) all four spokespeople can have a short introductory discussion about the magicians in general (What are the magicians? What are the magician’s not? What are rings? etc.). This first part could last for ten minutes.

  4. For each of the next four fifteen minute periods, a spokesperson would speak exclusively to the in-person audience in each location. There could be a few minutes of question and answer. This would require the coordination of separate screen share sessions between each ring in a ring-buffer-like modulo arithmaticy kind of assignment (spokesperson 1 speaks to group 2, spokesperson 2 to group 3, 3 to group 4, 4 to group 5 % 4). During the second ten-minute section each spokesperson speaks to the next group modulo 4.

  5. Each ‘presentation’ and ‘question and answer’ could last ten minutes and start 15 minutes apart, that would allow for switching Google screen shares and would take up about an hour (4 *15).

  6. At the end of the hour, there could be a ten-fifteen minute ‘wrap up’ call with all four rings.

Yes – I totally understand that this may be more difficult than simply putting on a regional magician’s session, but we have to learn how to dis-intermediate ourselves (thus rule 2). If anyone is interested (I need three additional rings), let me know. I host my city’s Ethereum meetup, so I can be pretty flexible on timing. I’d prefer an evening meetup for my group, but I can accommodate. I’m the ring maker for the Data Ring, if you want to volunteer to be the spokesperson, let me know.

If this does not sound like a good idea, please let me know that as well (I have a thick skin).

If you’d like to volunteer to do a North East of US regional event (for which I can find space in Philadelphia, PA), let me know that as well.

Final note: this is a do-ocrocy. Let’s do.

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