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This is a side-ring to the Wallet Ring.

The wiki page for the Mobile Wallet Ring is in the wiki:


@jpitts Thanks for creating this! I wanted to run a quick idea by you: I was chatting with lots of people at Devcon, and folks seemed to be interested in creating a new ring called the Mobile Ring. The mobile ring would cover native mobile dapps as well as mobile wallets.

This Mobile Wallet side-ring (the one this thread lives in) could be a side ring to both the Wallet Ring and the Mobile Ring. I imagine many people will opt to be in both the Wallet Ring and the Mobile Ring, but having the only mobile topic be specific to mobile wallets minimizes the importance of native mobile dapps.

Haha have I said ring enough?

Thoughts? Thanks!! I’m happy to play an active role in the Mobile Ring community, helping with meetings, etc.

cc @jamslevy

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I think a mobile ring would be great! The mobile wallet ring was created in the workshop of the council of Prague. The wallet ring was already growing too big and we needed to make modules to be more effective. Any help is appreciated! Perhaps we should even think about a mobile Ethereum gathering/conference at some point. So much to discuss in this space…

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@jpitts Is there a formal (or semi-formal) process in place for forming new rings? If so, what steps would remain in order to establish a Mobile Ring? Thanks!

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here is the howto:

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FYI I created the Mobile ring discussed above!

Also, I added the side-ring this thread is in - the Mobile Wallet Ring - as a side ring of the Mobile Ring as well as the Wallet Ring on the front page of the wiki.