Primordial Soup

Vlad Zamfir's Dilemma: Autonomous Software vs. Crypto Law (2)
Sermantic versioning for the protocol, with release candidates (7)
Abort switch for clients in order to withdraw a planned upgrade to mainnet (10)
EEP-5: Ethereum Hardfork Process - request for collaboration (9)
Random critique of EIP-706 (DEVp2p snappy compression) (3)
Research for Web3 Wordpress Plugin (3)
Sober arguments (1)
Yellow Paper Maintainership (14)
Guidelines for ProgPow Hardware Developers (17)
Canto: scaling through dynamic subnets (! ephemeral economies ! 😁) (2)
CANTO: A Scalable Blockchain System Interconnect Model ( 2 ) (23)
Hypothetical: If ethereum core governance was a meritocracy, what would constitute merit / reputation? (9)
What factors may have been blocking efforts to scale the current Ethereum? (1)
Latent ERC-725 moral contradiction? (5)
Call for Participation: Developing an incentivisation for NonOrgs (6)
[POLL] PoS durability (2)
Funding Taxonomy & Issues for Ethereum Ecosystem (15)
Professional Magician Who Loves Ethereum (3)
Ethereum Magician Stickers ( 2 ) (24)
Distributed Magicians Force (2)
Forgiveness, reputation, and transparency. What are the questions? (10)
Discussing Long Term Cashflow and Budgets for Ethereum Projects, Teams, and Individuals (16)
Pooling commit/reveal to avoid front running (1)
JSON-RPC Specifications and Testing Community Call Nov 27th, 2018 (3)
Notes from EVM Evolution Community Call Nov 26th (2)
Transient programs, an ancient execution paradigm (with multi-send example); and why storage clean-up doesn't happen (2)
Ideas about anonymous meta transactions (3)
Projects using Improvement Proposals for different types of governance (3)
The design rationale behind Parity/Substrate's WASM implementation (1)
Who would like to participate or be a contact for the Meta Ring? (5)