Fellowship Gatherings

Council of Prague Agenda: Ring of Ethereum Architects gathering [Fellowship Gatherings] (17)
Council of Prague Agenda Topics ( 2 ) [Fellowship Gatherings] (26)
Council of Prague Announcement ( 2 ) [Fellowship Gatherings] (26)
FEM Prague appetizer on offer at W3S [Fellowship Gatherings] (1)
Asking for a bit of guidance [Fellowship Gatherings] (2)
Human-readable Machine-verifiable Transaction requests [Council Sessions] (9)
Taking inspiration from W3C [Fellowship Gatherings] (3)
Education session: outtakes & list of resources [Council Sessions] (9)
Pre Council Call For Rings [Fellowship Gatherings] (1)
Events Playbook wiki page [Fellowship Gatherings] (6)
Prague Volunteers Kick off call [Fellowship Gatherings] (1)
ECF sustaining sponsorship, call for volunteers [Fellowship Gatherings] (13)
Are any Magicians attending EthBerlin? [Fellowship Gatherings] (7)
Registration Open, Timing Confirmation, Venue Sponsorship by Status [Fellowship Gatherings] (4)
Wiki: Gathering of Security Community ( 2 3 ) [Fellowship Gatherings] (57)
Logins, Wallets, and Identity [Council Sessions] (12)
Fund Recovery Session II - 11:30am Sunday [Council Sessions] (1)
Ethereum Magicians at DevCon4 in Prag [Presentations] (12)
Notes from Data Session in Berlin [Council Sessions] (1)
Social Scalability and Wealth Distribution Session [Council Sessions] (9)
Fund Recovery Session I - 4:00pm Saturday [Council Sessions] (2)
Council of Berlin Wrap Up & Request for Feedback [Fellowship Gatherings] (1)
Lightning Talks: Signaling: Technical challenges with measuring sentiment [Presentations] (2)
Developer Experience Session - 1:30pm on Saturday [Council Sessions] (3)
Lightning Taks: DAPP: UX & Adoption [Presentations] (3)
Lightning Talks: Web3 Tech Stack [Presentations] (2)
Morning Opening Schedule Review & Greg hosts the circle, Council of Berlin, Day Two (Video) [Council Sessions] (1)
Lightning Talk: Ethereum Status Codes ERC 1066 [Presentations] (3)
Council of Berlin - Closing Circle (Video) [Council Sessions] (1)
Berlin Summer Council Final Update [Council Sessions] (11)