Last Call This is for EIPs that have been moved to “Last Call”, which means that those interested have 2 weeks to read and comment before the EIP is considered for Finalization.
About the EIPs category [EIPs] (1)
Final Request From the GPU Mining Community [EIPs] (14)
EIP-1102: Opt-in provider access ( 2 ) [EIPs] (39)
ERC-1080: RecoverableToken Standard [EIPs] (13)
EIP-1053: A proposal to move the content in ethereum/wiki to a Wikipedia-style wiki site ( 2 ) [EIPs] (34)
EIP-1132 - Time-locking of tokens within a contract [EIPs] (1)
EIP-1167 - updated & last-call period extended [Last Call] (1)
EIP-1240: Difficulty Bomb Removal [EIPs] (9)
EIP-1234 vs EIP-1227: Constantinople Difficulty Bomb & Block reward ( 2 ) [EIPs] (28)
EIP-712: eth_signTypedData as a standard for machine-verifiable and human-readable typed data signing [EIPs] (4)
Discussion around 2FA implementation within smart contracts [EIPs] (9)
EIP draft - Introduce eth_getBlockReceiptsByHash and eth_getBlockReceiptsByNumber JSON RPC methods [EIPs] (4)
EIP 1193: Ethereum Provider JavaScript API ( 2 ) [EIPs] (25)
Last call on EIP 1167 [EIPs] (3)
EIP-ProgPoW: a Programmatic Proof-of-Work [EIPs] (7)
Fix block reward at 2 ETH per block (EIP-1277) [EIPs] (8)
EIP-1285: Increase Gcallstipend gas in the CALL OPCODE [EIPs] (1)
EIP-1167 - minimal proxy contract - moving to LAST CALL [EIPs] (1)
EIP-1276: Eliminate Difficulty Bomb and Adjust Block Reward on Constantinople Shift [EIPs] (5)
EIP-1087: Net storage gas metering for the EVM ( 2 ) [EIPs] (39)
ERC-681: Representing various transactions as URLs [EIPs] (8)
ERC-1197 Meta Payments [EIPs] (3)
EIPs and dependence on external standards [EIPs] (2)
ERC-777 Discussion [EIPs] (3)
EIP-1234: Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment [EIPs] (2)
EIP-1052: 'EXTCODEHASH' opcode [EIPs] (7)
Child pays the Parent in Ethereum - Help Build this EIP! [EIPs] (9)
EIP: Transient storage opcodes ( 2 ) [EIPs] (23)
Discussion on ERC-1202 Voting Standard [EIPs] (2)
ERC1180: Non-Fungile Token State Verification [EIPs] (1)