Last Call This is for EIPs that have been moved to “Last Call”, which means that those interested have 2 weeks to read and comment before the EIP is considered for Finalization.
About the EIPs category [EIPs] (1)
EIP: Remote procedure call specification [EIPs] (19)
Update on ERC902: Validated Token [EIPs] (1)
EIP1185: DNS resolver profile for ENS [EIPs] (1)
Define a maximum block timestamp drift [EIPs] (2)
ERC-1066: Ethereum Status Codes (ESC) [EIPs] (20)
EIP-1470: Smart Contract Weakness Classification (SWC) [EIPs] (1)
ERC-1357 - Address Metadata JSON Schema [EIPs] (7)
ERC-1462: Base Security Token [EIPs] (5)
ERC-1404 - Simple Restricted Token Standard [EIPs] (1)
ERC Proposal: LDGRToken - A compatible security token for issuing and trading SEC-compliant securities [EIPs] (1)
EIP-ProgPoW: a Programmatic Proof-of-Work [EIPs] (11)
ERC-1077 and ERC-1078: The magic of executable signed messages to login and do actions ( 2 ) [EIPs] (22)
What has to be done to get ProgPoW on Ethereum [EIPs] (8)
ERC-1400 and ERC-1410 - Security Token and Partially Fungible Token [EIPs] (14)
ERC 1407 : Namespacing ABI interfaces [EIPs] (6)
EIP-712: eth_signTypedData as a standard for machine-verifiable and human-readable typed data signing [EIPs] (7)
ERC Proposal - BeakerOS: An Secure Operating System Protocol [EIPs] (1)
ERC-712, proposed by 0x devs, adopted in 0x Protocol v2 [EIPs] (1)
EIP-1444: Localized Messaging with Signal-to-Text [EIPs] (1)
EIP-233: Formal process of hard forks [EIPs] (5)
Final Request From the GPU Mining Community ( 2 ) [EIPs] (32)
EIP-1355: Ethash 1a [EIPs] (3)
EIP-1102: Opt-in provider access ( 2 3 ) [EIPs] (55)
EIP-1062: Formalize IPFS hash into ENS(Ethereum Name Service) resolver ( 2 ) [EIPs] (23)
Tools for implementing EIP-681 and EIP-831 [EIPs] (1)
Update on ERC-1066 Status Codes project [EIPs] (1)
EIP-1234: Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment [EIPs] (5)
EIP-1380: Reduced gas cost for call to self [EIPs] (9)
EIP-1352: Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contracts [EIPs] (2)